2019 THOF Nominations Deadline Extended

The Taxidermy Hall of Fame Board of Directors decided three years ago to hold nominations for the THOF on even years and the induction of a new class of honorees on odd-numbered years. Nominations are now open through March 15, 2019, by anyone who feels he or she believes a candidate that has contributed significantly in many possible ways to the profession of taxidermy. The THOF is open to nominations from all countries of the world, and anyone can make a nomination as long as the requirements established by the THOF Board of Directors are followed.

Following are the guidelines and criteria that must be followed for a nomination to be con- sidered by the THOF Selections Committee. Board member Skip Skidmore has taken on the duties of nomination coordinator and has pre- pared the following application with guidelines that must be followed completely, along with a biographical sketch (story) detailing the contributions of each nominee.

The Nomination Process

The purpose of the Taxidermy Hall of Fame is to honor individual persons who have contributed significantly to the advancement of taxidermy anywhere in the world. Any taxidermy enthusiast can nominate potential inductees who meet basic eligibility requirements. The qualifications include outstanding and unique contributions to the taxidermy profession in which there is a significant impact or influence upon the taxidermy community, whether by and not limited to, innovative techniques, development of materials, creative mounts, or educational advancements. Nonations can be made for living or deceased persons. Nominators cannot nominate themselves.

Nominee applications will be reviewed and approved by vote by the THOF Selections Committee. The final selection of inductees will be made by the THOF Executive Committee, which is composed of the board of directors and advisory board. There can be up to 4 new members selected for the THOF for each induction class inductee.

There is no charge of any nomination application processing fee.

Administrative Process´╗┐

Induction requires at least 80 percent approval vote by the Advisory Board and Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee is not responsible for research and obtaining necessary photos documentation or materials for nominees. This information is the responsibility of the nominator.

Top nominees will be listed on the THOF website.

Individuals can start submitting nominations January 1, 2018. Go here for the THOF nomination application.