Magazine Covers

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[img src=]140100th Issue
For Breakthrough’s 100th issue, a special cover was planned. Ken came up with the idea for this cover a full three years before the issue came out, before the covers on the bottom row even existed. Each of the rows represent ten issues in chronological order, except for the first row which has issue 1 through 9. So the second row contains the covers from issue 10 to 19. The third row has the covers from 20 to 29, and so on. Every issue from 1982 to 2010 is represented. The bottom row shows issue 90 through 99. Of these 100 covers, Ken Edwards designed and/or photographed 67 of them.
[img src=]200Travis de Villers
South African taxidermist Travis de Villers provided several shots of this custom lion mount, but none of the photos were magazine cover quality. Ken Edwards carefully stiched together a higher-resolution close-up of the head of the lion with a lower-resolution shot of the body made from a slightly different angle. After eliminating the visible transition areas, a complementary background was rendered and the masthead color chosen. The individual hairs of the lion’s mane were carefully re-drawn with a digital tablet to cover the letters of the masthead realistically.
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